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Falcons fans this is what you may be seeing on Sunday


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Why are we seeing it in thumbnail form...I had to get my reading glasses out... :lol:

Somebody else created it and it had no URL. So I had to put it in thumbnail form.

If you click on it you will see it.

It's just something to get the Girly Birds feathers ruffled :P

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I picked this picture because it reminds all of us what the end of the game will like this weekend... ;)

Thanks WFW!


Snelling: "Man, Roddy, I have to hide my face in this towel to keep from laughing. I thought the Saints were an actual football team"

White: "Thing that ticks me off is that we got so far ahead Coach took us out of the game in the 3rd Q. Shoots my fantasy numbers all to heII"


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Colston: "Catch me if you can, bro!"

DeCoud: "Dude! I always thought Flubber was just something in a kid's movie!"


DeCoud: "Marques! What in the heII are you doing, dude?"

Colston: "I've got a tryout for Dancing With The Stars, man. Whadda ya think of this move?!"


Edit: On the Mike Smith pic, I do realize they are in red jerseys = at home, thus the real caption is more likely:


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