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news from falcons eagles game....


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I hope Vick plays against the Falcons. No one in the league knows more about that dirt bag then the Falcons. After What the Eagles did last year, we are going to be looking to inflict pain. What do y'all think?

I think we're jumping the gun here a bit :lol:

it's only week 3

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Just because it's week 3 doesn't mean you can't talk about week 6... :blink:

I'm interested in this game myself. I hope Vick starts. I think it will be interesting to see Spoon play against Vick, he will have his hands full.

Vick has said he likes playing against the Falcons so I'm sure it will be a good game if he starts. I hope we smash Vick so hard Kolb HAS to start the rest of the season!

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I know. I'm just a bit excited after the news today. We'll be focused and I see continued growth leading up to this one. In all my years of being a Falcons fan(1993) I've never seen a Guy that I wanted the Falcons to beat up on more then vick and the Eagles. BTW, the Saints are in for a hurting as well this week.

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Listen, we have games well before this even happens, so let it go until the week of, we have New Orleans to worry about first!!

Go Falcons.

we don't have to worry about anything at all! that's the good thing about being a fan... just sit back and watch them beat the saints! ^_^

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