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Bear Woods cut from PS... To make room for scrub RB...


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Shawnbrey McNeal... Is our new 4th string RB...

Bear Woods is cut...

Is the RB fear worth dropping this guy? I'm not sure... But I do trust TD...

We have enough LBs, and none of them are injured, check out this link I found on youtube on Shawnbrey McNeal. He might pssibly be the utility RB we have been looking for and Norwood is never around anyway. He's got speed, he is agile, and can is good at being the checkdown WR

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McNeal is 5th string. Gartrell Johnson is #4. I liked Bear, but he is the 7th LB on the squad. 8th once James serves his suspension. Bottom line is neither of these guys are/were going to see the field this year, so don't I don't think it's worth fretting over.

McNeal was a Cane at one time then transfer to SMU.

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FA KR RB Louis Rankin

is the exact Norwood clone,

Rankin would have been a better pickup,

Seahawks just didnt have room for him

like the raiders when he was there.

Rankin always break runs and he fast as ****

like norwood and

Rankin has broke more long runs in past 4 preseasons than anybody in NFL,

McNeal, Shawnbrey 4.56 40 yard Dash

Rankin Runs a 4 sec 40 in Pads

Watch the Clock!!!(46 to 42)


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