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Our newest Falcon RB

Bring It

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"LOL, this video is really gives you the wrong idea of Gartrell. It may have seemed like he had all those qualities before the draft, but after focusing on him all preseason, I can say that he isn't nearly the back he's made out to be by this video. I watched all the preseason games and practices(ones available to the public) he was involved in. He definitely didn't have a burst, his technique was lacking, and he broke maybe two tackles in 4 games. His style was run right into the line, get 1 yrd" Sd fan

FA KR/RB Louis Rankin

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Hope you guys are right but if he is that explosive and has such great potential why was he available? I won't down the guy and I hope he works out for us, but i'm cautiously optimistic.

Two plausible explanations is that at San Diego they had Sproles and drafted Matthews. The Giants are pretty loaded at running back as well. A lot of reason guys like that are available is that most teams are platooning the rbs these days--very few 30+ carry guys anymore.

I have no clue if this guy will even touch the ball, or if we'll remember his name in a matter of a month, but the more i think about him the more i understand why we gave him a shot. He's an all-purpose type guy with good size who can at the least alleviate Snelling's STeams duties and provide depth at HB and FB.

I will say this. Next years draft will pis s me off if we don't invest in some offensive playmakers particularly HB. Norwood has been declining and getting injured more and more, culminating in this ACL tear. Time to invest in some weapons around Ryan.

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Good size, but I want to see him on the field.

Any definitive answer on Turner's status for this week? Given that we have a utility back in Snelling (HB/FB) as our only HB, this should give Johnson some PT this Sunday.

I love his build, hopefully the lack of competition in the WAC/MAC (whichever CSU is) didn't tarnish his ability. He got some work with the Giants, but not really enough to build an impression from.

Wish I could see practice this week.

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