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After watching last nights game


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I am really thinking that the Falcons next two games will be very difficult to win. Both teams have good D's. Both team can move the ball on you. Both qb's know how to keep a play alive.

The 49ers really had a chance to win that game. They made some mistakes but not the type that can't be fixed. You can fix muffed punts. You can fix getting your pass tipped at the line. You can work on fumbles.

And the Saints are the Saints. They still have that dynamic offense. Them barely winning last night proves to them that they need to fix some stuff. That means a hard week of practice and straightening stuff out. Which in turn means a better Saints team to face the Falcons on Sunday.

That being said I think the Falcons can beat both teams but both will be extremely tough. The Falcons are a young team. I don't think they will make as many mistakes as the 49ers will but they will need to play mistake free football just about to win.

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