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I have absolutely had it. No where have we gotten credit for looking so good on offense and defense, NO WHERE. We don't have highlights showing anywhere, but we get to see the Cowboys and Vikings lose 10,000 times on Sportscenter.

It's stupid and I've had enough!

What are you talking about Sportscenter has been showing our highlights. Just watch NFL Blitz if you don't catch the other highlights.

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i know i was watchin nfl network at 4 when they switch from whatever to talk about the games and i waited sooo long i finally passed out so when i woke i watched for another hour about the viks and cowboys and all the interviews from eagles, steelers, cowboys, so on so forth, only 2 have the falcons highlight for like 2 minutesand didnt even talk about it they went straight to talking about how goods the bucs looked, aggrevated me def, we scored the most points this week and NOTHING????? well get some air time next week when we beat the aints tho

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No one in the media is taking us serious.

Now if we beat New Orleans next Sunday then these idiots will all be trying to climb on the band wagon.

Thats how the sports media goes.

Historically we haven't accomplished much that would lead us to great exposure. The Saints weren't the talk of the town till they won the super bowl. We have to prove we are a great team, and beating average teams doesn't get anyone's attention. We want respect, we have to take it. No one is going to give it to us, nor they should. If we demolish the Saints like we did the Cards, I guarantee the media will give us the coverage we deserve. Let's go Falcons! It's time to make a stand and separate ourselves from the average teams.

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They never do when we do well. I bet my husband before it came on that we wouldn't be mentioned. We are NEVER mentioned in that segment UNLESS we lose badly or are playing one of the "chosen" teams or both.

Even when mentioned - it is either how great the other team was or how they are missing _______.

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