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Front Office need to get off their Butts

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With the trade deadline looming this team needs to bring in some capable bodies so that this year doesn't turn into last year. Norwood can't seem to do anything without a injury. Jenkins needs to be replaced and to be honest I little faith in either of them returning and being productive. My patience with Turner is fading fast. Why not bring in some guys to play even if we have to give up a high draft pick or two. I would hate to see us gamble on these guys and they stay hurt all season.

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I really feel like Jenkins will be back for the Saints game. They want to be as healthy and strong as possible for this game on Sunday. A lot of people don't think Jenkins is a factor but he obviously is a vital part to our offense. I wouldn't be surprised if Douglas assumed the role of Welker being the #2 WR but manned the slot in 3WR sets because of Jenkins return from injury.

The Saints don't look as explosive this year. Most of there plays come from the defense falling asleep on extended plays.

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