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WoTFan's Overreaction Mock


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First off I think we keep Snelling and Clabo. Dahl will probably be kept too. The right side of our line has not been a problem this year. Its really been the left. I also think we let Norwood go. Guy just can't stay healthy. I think we keep Nicholas and let Peterson walk.

Free Agency:

I think we go after Zach Miller (OAK) for our one big splash next year. Guy is a complete TE and has kept getting better despite his QBs. I'm thinking he probably wants to get out of that hellhole. Even if TG decides to come back next year, Miller would be able to see he'd be a centerpiece of this offense for years to come if he came here.


1. OT, Anthony Castonzo: We have to protect Matt Ryan. Sam Baker isn't the answer and unless he suddenly progresses I think we will draft a replacement for him. Castonzo could easily become the top OT as that title is wide open right now. However, he is rated as a lower first round pick right now because he's not a mauler. All that matters is that we either get someone who can protect Matt Ryan or can have passes thrown from him.

2. WR, Armon Binns: Matt Ryan needs more targets. Guy has only one legit WR. Jenkins is mediocre and can be upgraded. Binns is big and has some of the best hands in the WR class.

3. RB, Victor Anderson: With this pick, our offense is basically overhauled. Guy is a speedster. A perfect compliment to the running style of Snelling and Turner. He's a little small, but he has Percy Harvin/Dexter McCluster type potential.

4. CB, Chykie Brown: The other Texas CB. I don't think we'll have Brian Williams on the roster next year. Brown would replace him.

5. K, Kai Forbath: You guys may not agree taking a kicker this high but this kid out of UCLA is the best kicker to come out in awhile. He is super accurate inside 50 yards and has the leg to go farther than 50.

6. LB, Jonas Mouton: With Peterson leaving, I think we'd take a LB late for depth and ST. Mouton has a vicious hitter who is a bit raw.

6. DE, Criag Marshall: Guy is replacing a top 15 draft pick this year. He has potential but hasn't been on the field thanks to the DE depth at USF the past few years. He's a good pass rusher and a average run defender. May elevate his draft status past this round in the coming months.

7. G, Anthony Morgan: Big guard who could compete for a backup job. Never can have too many big uglies.

7. KR/WR, Phillip Liva: Guy is pint sized (5' 8", 175) but has five return TDs during the past two years. Guy is blazing fast and seems to have good field vision.


I'm conflicted on this mock. I really think our offense HAS to protect and get weapons for Matt Ryan. On the other hand I didn't like going three straight offensive players. However, I didn't see a DE I like thats projected in the 3rd round. DE is the only position on defense that I think we REALLY need. CB is ok, safety is covered, DT is good, LB is good. DE will be a bigger need if Abraham doesn't come back though.

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