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Love this thread from the Cards MB


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Pretty ridiculous:


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Default NFL should investigate all of these refs!!!!

I would be fine if it was called both ways or neither way, just not if the Cards are getting all of the calls against them and nothing on the Falcons in the first half. It is just too hard for me to believe that the Cards committed all of those penalties and the Falcons had none.

I know they called some make up calls later in the game when it was out of hand, but it was simply too late. Actually, some of the make up calls on the Falcons were a bit off as well I thought.

The NFL should investigate the refs. It seems like someone with a lot of money on the line got to them prior to the game.


I have never been one to whine about referees BUT I was at the game today and have NEVER in 30 yrs of watching football, seen such incompetence. I've never been impressed with Boger (or whatever his name is) but the entire crew was horrendous! I was sitting at the 30 yd line in the 8th row and some of the penalties they called were non existant. It honestly appeared this crew had some bigtime money on this game, it was that bad!

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Looking at it objectively, I thought that the Cards got a bad deal on two calls.

The one play that they were called for illegal procedure, we were clearly lined up in the neutral zone. The other was the bogus face mask call on Porter. The Cardinal that wasn't Porter had the back of Ryan's helmet, not his mask.

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Refs were pretty bad yesterday. They didn't change the outcome of the game though. I mean come on the Cards didn't convert one third down yesterday. My favorite part yesterday was when they called Sam Baker for three straight penalties when two of them were on Harvey Dahl.

There was a ton of flags but seeing the game live the Cardinals players were on the verge of taking out their frustrations on the Refs instead of the Falcons. :lol:

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Don't fans realize that all NFL refs sit down before each game with a daisy flower and begin removing the petals ?? In Sunday's game here in Atlanta they started, saying Atlanta wins...........then Arizona wins, etc.

It just so happens that the last remaining petal was...........ATLANTA WINS !!!

So............what would you expect the refs to do ???

It's the flower's fault not theirs !!!!!!

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A few years back I remember the Ravens getting called for 19 penalties in one game. Terrell Suggs was so upset he started screaming at Mike Carey and got ejected. After the game, Carey said something like, "I had to eject him because I could see the pure anger in his eyes." LOL.

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The refs did make(or not make) a lot of bad calls on the Cards. There was one roughing the passer call on Matty Ice, that they didnt call twice on Anderson, and they were almost identical plays. When Babs almost murdered Anderson, he was actually later to the QB than when Ryan got hit, and there was no flag.

On the other hand, there were bad calls against the Falcons too. Like the unnecessary roughness against Finn, when all he did was push a guy to the ground right around when the whistle blew. That was a bogus call.

As mentioned before though, they shouldnt be whining, this didnt affect the outcome. The Cards got MANHANDLED, plain and simple.

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Granted I was at the game so I could not watch the replay but there was not one single call I was surprised about as I saw it as it happened knowing the flag would get thrown. That's just being a sore loser plain and simple.

I agree, I even agreed with the two personal fouls called against the Falcons, there was no reason for either of those actions to be taken. Finn's was the worst, he should know better than to get into with a defender. I just love the excuses. :lol:

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