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With all the love we are spreading around,


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Mike Mularkey. He called a **** of a game. He did everything we as fans called for. I saw screens and deep routes today. The PA bomb where Matty missed HD was an awesome play call, the line backers and d line were clueless with our motions. The motion we used was top notch today.

I know the players have to get out on the field and execute so kudos to them but lets not forget MM. The first 2 quarters he had the Cards D mind screwed. Hope he keeps up this play calling and he and Matt mesh more and get this thing rolling like we did today.

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Yeah we need to give him some credit. It looks as if he took some advice. The deep shot didn't connect but it made the defense stay honest. Our role players stepped up and made crucial plays. Tony was more of a decoy than a target. I mean it was a beautiful game... Snelling was the glue though after Turner went down.

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I disagree with you guys on this one.. MM was still calling a ****** game IMO..

Im sick of all the.. Running on 1st and 2nd down, getting to like 3rd and 2, and passing on 3rd down. He must of done that at LEAST 5 times today, its such a risky play and is already predictable. We are just lucky the Cards D cant cover ****, but vs a good team we will get owned again.

MM needs to be fired, hes the main weak link right now on the whole team. I even think BVG is doing good lately, but MM hasnt shaped up this offseason.

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