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I think Turner's groin may decide Norwood's fate


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If we put Norwood on the PUP list, does that free up a roster spot for 6 weeks?

Can't place him on PUP - deadline is well past for that. Our only options are either to put him on the inactive list week to week, put him on IR or release him.

Either way, he is guaranteed his salary for this season because he was on the roster in week 1 and is a vested veteran.

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I'm not sure I'm correct on this but I believe you can't put someone on the PUP list After yhe season

has started. Only before game 1

He would have to be placed on IR. gone for the year (IF he is hurt that bad)

A player basically has to fail his physical at the start of the preseason to be eligible for the PUP. If they fail their physical they are put on the Active-PUP list, which allows them to be with the team and rehab, but prohibits them from practicing. A player can be activated off this list at any time, and counts against preseason roster limits while on the list.

Once the season starts, the team has to either activate the player or place them on the Reserve-PUP list. If he gets placed on the Reserve-PUP list, he automatically misses 6 weeks of the season but no longer counts against the roster limit. Only players who were on the Active-PUP list are eligible for the Reserve-PUP list.

This is what screwed the Bengals with Antonio Bryant - they passed him on his physical and let him practice the first day, but it was clear that he wasn't anywhere close to being ready. PUP would have been an ideal place for him to rehab, but he was ineligible and the Bengals couldn't afford to hold a place on the roster for him and cut him.

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Ya know, I still haven't seen much of this kid but they let Nance go for some reason. I thoght Nance made the better reads and runs but the coaches saw something. We need a scat back that you dont need to hold your breath for every time you call thier number.

Stranger things have happened where a guy comes out of nowhere to shine in nfl games. Maybe this kid will make our staff look like genius's.wink.gif

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