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Moore fills in admirably for injured Coleman


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Moore fills in admirably for injured Coleman

By Jeff Haws

For the AJC

When William Moore first walked onto the field on Arizona's first drive Sunday, the butterflies were there. He admitted it.

With only three games of NFL experience prior to moving into the starting lineup for injured safety Erik Coleman, the responsibility was big for the second-year player from Missouri.

"I was so nervous at the beginning of the game, very nervous" Moore said. "That's when you've got good teammates. They told me to relax and they took good care of me. That's what I did. The more I'm in there, the more I get comfortable."

It didn't take long for Moore to look like he belonged.

He nearly got his first career interception late in the first half, a ball bouncing off an Arizona receiver and hitting him in the chest. But shortly after that, he got the pick he was looking for.

On the second play of the second half, Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson overthrew 6-foot-5 Stephen Williams and Moore was there to grab it. He returned the ball to the Arizona 14-yard line, setting up a Brian Finneran touchdown catch that gave the Falcons a commanding 31-7 lead. Moore would have liked to cover those last 14 yards himself on the run-back, but the interception was what mattered.

"That's something I've been waiting on a long time," Moore said. "I got my first one out of the way. It was really a great opportunity. I had some great blocks, the seam was open, so I should have scored. But I think I'm going to get some more."

He credits some of his performance to the help of Coleman and fellow safety Thomas Decoud, who started opposite him Sunday. Once it appeared that Coleman's sore left knee would keep him out of the game, the two veterans began working with Moore during the week on details.

"We tried to get in a little extra meeting time," Decoud said. "It's all about building that trust. He's a great football player. I know that and we just have to keep building that chemistry with each other however long Erik's out."

The work paid off. Moore was a key part of a secondary that stifled the Arizona passing game, limiting big-play receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston to 83 and 10 yards, respectively. Anderson threw for just 161 yards on 17-of-31 passing and was visibly frustrated at times.

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Kudos to Willie Moe for a good game. I'm still going to hold off my accolades until 4:30pm next Sunday.

If he plays this well against the likes of Brees, he deserves it. I just don't think Anderson is that good of a QB to take a team and drive them down the field when they need it.

I'm still stoked about this team at this point in the season and am definitely looking forward to tomorrow night's game to get a better feel of what to expect with the Aints.

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He plays confident and is not scared out there. That is just so huge for a guy that has never started a game in the NFL...

JBO, I know I was hyping him up with you during the off season, and I was sticking by my thoughts about him lol, and I glad I did.

I am also... i remember allot of fans on here gave up on the man in preseason.. some said there mother,cousin, priest said william moore dont want to play football or doesnt care about football.

i didnt gt it because everything i saw from him in college (brian dawkins type leader) and what i heard about him in the offseason.... the guy was working hard

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