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What a game!


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Great game, absolute domination. If our D and ground game can keep that up, it's going to be tough to beat us. One thing I didn't like is keeping so many of our 1st string players on the field the last half of the 4th quarter. Given the injury problems we have had, you would think Smitty would avoid that in what was obviously a rout at that time. Maybe I'm the only person that bothered, but I kept gritting my teeth at the thought of a LB or dockett getting a shot at Ryan after the game was already out of reach. Luckily it didnt happen.

Our O line looked great run blocking, but still average with pass protection. That has to get better. I still think thats most of the reason you dont see our Falcons go deep - the protection. The bigger problem is throwing shorter routes is habit-forming, if it doesn't improve, it will start becoming instinct. I really didnt like the fact that we waited until we were up by a huge amount before we started throwing it downfield. It kind of makes me wonder if we're too conservative as a passing offense a lot of the time. It worked against Arizona but we cant let defenses get comfortable sticking 8 guys in the box or it will come back to haunt us.

Also, bummer Turner got hurt, because he was steamrolling the Cards' D. Snelling did great, but it can't be good having our best RB hurt heading into NO next week. That said, i'd rather give snelling the nod next week than rush him back and make his injury worse.

My biggest accolades go to the defense, however. 22 points in 2 games is nice, even if its playing a couple of teams whose offenses clearly arent that great or at their best. confidence is everything and they should be high in spirits for the game against the 'Aints. They're probably getting laid into for the hightower and fitzgerald plays, but 2 big gains is an improvement from last year. Also, I think if Moore can stay healthy, Coleman can officially kiss his job bye-bye. Moore is more physical, faster, and more athletic in general. If he puts in the time with film we are going to have a very solid tandem at safety. When was the last time we could say that?

Lets keep the momentum going in NO next week. FALCONS!

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