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REAL online sports link..NOT FAKE


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Hey everyone. I'm currently in Osan, South Korea and can't watch any Falcons/GT or UGA games unless they play them on tv...and I happened to stumble across THIS PEER-2-PEER site and streams any sporting event live..and this in NOT fake...just thought I'd share with everyone...majority of them you have to DOWNLOAD A STREAMTORRENT to watch but well worth it and haven't had any problem...bump this for those not able to watch locally and don't have NFL Ticket

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Thats great thank you, but, i have another favour to ask. My internet speed is limited(3rd World FTL) so i cant PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL live video. However i do usuall PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL live audio via a Radio Station that broadcasts the game.

Usually i go Via WSEG Savannah, but last week they broadcast the game for about 10min, then changed to music! I spent the next 20 min looking for a link and ended up listening to Steelers Radio Network. :(

So anyone have a radio station link?

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