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The most amazing play I've ever seen


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I missed it... sounds epic. I'm sure I'll get to see it tomorrow on the recap shows and what not.

Well, I overstated it when I said it was the most amazing play I've ever seen. The play was a good fake field goal but everyone has seen those before. But the situation in which it was ran and the resulting look on the ND coach's face was epic.

Big, BIG brass ones to call that play.

Either that, or the MSU HC has a lesion on his brain, I think.

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I called it before the play happened last night after that sack and I am a bit surprised notre dame wasn't expecting that. After that sack a made field goal was a longer shot because of that loss yardage and their kicker imo is a big big question mark. What made that play even better was brian kelly's reaction. it was a deer in headlights look. it was great when they showed him after it happened. a great moment.

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