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Ryan and Offense will Soar on Sunday

The ANSwer

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All of us expected more than one TD from the first offense, to date. They have been experimenting with different schemes, formations, personnel packages...etc. They meet up with one of the best defenses in the league who has consistently given fits to the best QBs and most prolific offenses in the league for years.

While other (lesser) teams in the league played "cream puff" defenses they may have won their first game of the season. (Tampa, Kansas City...etc.) congratulations. But, this is a 16 game season.

Arizona comes into our home tomorrow and then you will witness the Falcons Team that we expected in the off season. The lengthy wait, extremely high expectations and anticipation for the opening game. Just overpowered our emotions and the heartbreaking loss in an environment that we knew would be a fight and extremely difficult and then to come so close...we lashed out at what we thought were the main perpetrators.

I ask the fanbase for patience. We will see the Falcons soar on Sunday against the Cardinals. A weak offense and a struggling defense. We will pound the rock, play action pass and split the seam. Our special teams will dominate and our defense will wreck havoc. GO FALCONS. DEFEND the DOME!!!

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Yeah, hopefully we can soar against the lowly Cardinals. Although I am not taking anything for granted against the Cards, it's games like the ones against Pittsburgh that we have to win if we are gonna become a superbowl contender. Everybody keeps saying about Pittsburgh's great D, no excuses we have to be better.

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