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Matt Ryan an Elite QB ? PlZZZ !


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Since his first game as a Rookie, Matt Ryan has had a special bond with the Georgia Dome. Whether it is the comfort of being at home, the motivation from the crowd, the extra communication he gets in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage or whatever it may be, but Matt Ryan's stats at home are really freakin impressive.

I live in Ottawa, Canada and I was watching my local sports channel and they were picking teams to win on Sunday and all three "experts" (Canadians :P) were praising Matt Ryan's play at home... Although I knew he was great at home, they threw out a stat that impressed me. Matt Ryan has won 9 straight home games and is a career 13-1 at home.

In 14 home games he has thrown for 17 TD and 9 INT, his QB rating is 94.5 with a 63.5% competition percentage, 200 yards/game and 8.1 Yards/attempt.

In 2009 he was a perfect 6-0 at home. In those 6 games he threw for 11 TD and 4 INT and had solid stats all around.

So I am very excited for our home opener this Sunday so that Matty can shut all the haters up.

A little side note... Michael Turner has also been a monster in the Georgia Dome putting up incredible stats :S,

in 13 games: 1431 yards, 18 TD with a 4.8 Y/C

If we start translating these performances on the Road I am sure we will be a Super Bowl contender every year.

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