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I'm putting my money where my mouth is...

judas yeast

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Ok -- I have a very busy schedule but I'm going to go ahead and offer to help moderate this place. The current mods appear to be overwhelmed (understandably so with the influx of new fans) and this forum in particular could use a bit of sprucing up. I give you my word that this place will become family friendly and everyone (even women -- no more sexist bs) will feel welcome :)

Mods -- please send me a message about how we need to proceed with this.


J. Yeast

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It is young people like this Yeast feller who give me hope for Americas future.Here's a guy who is willing to stand for something when so many people his age are smoking marijuana cigarettes and hiding copies of " Barely Legal" inside their textbooks and scrawling communist manifestos inside books in the library.

Tonight, I will sleep a little easier knowing this warrior is ready for the battle.

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