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Thoughts on the most talked about players and coaches

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1. Mike Mularkey - IMHO, our offensive (pun intended)gameplan is to put a square peg into a round hole. If he were the coordinator for the Jets, they'd be pretty damned good. We do not have that offensive line and we actually do have a QB and receiving threats. People are constantly questioning him about not ATTACKING the defense and I haven't heard a good explanation yet why we continue to run out routes for 3 yds. It's pretty embarassing. I will say this - If Matt Ryan or Michael Turner or anyone else on the freakin' offense isn't doing what you have asked, DO YOUR JOB AND TAKE CARE OF IT, EVEN IF IT MEANS SITTING THEIR AZZ ON THE BENCH. Bottom line is, the OFFENSE is cleary YOUR responsibility. I'm tired of hearing it's the "little things." I say bullcrap. You are getting completely dominated, that's not something little.

2. Matt Ryan - I was extremely happy with his rookie season and probably expected too much which ultimately led to disappointment. Physically, he'll never be Tom Brady unless he starts hanging out with Sammy Sosa or Brian Cushing. That's OK though. Peyton Manning is the biggest geek of a probowler I've ever seen, but with hard work he's achieved more than anyone with his physical makeup could possibly imagine. Matt definitely stares down receivers - I'm completely befuddeled how this hasn't been fixed, his arm is average, but all of that is OK. My main problem is he plays NOT TO LOSE. NOTE TO MATT: LEAVE YOUR BEST EFFORT ON THE FIELD.

3. Turner - He's an above average back. He's been around a long time, taken some abuse, and has taken a beaten lately due to EVERYONE ON THE PLANET knowing that he's getting the ball and that our offensive line is about 30 lbs. per man too light. He's too slow, but he could be very effective on the right team. Right now, this is not the team for him.

4. Offensive Line - Here's the biggest misconception. People think this is a "run first" offensive line. I say that's bullcrap. Against mediocre teams they tend to dominate by "getting into the heads" of those weaker teams. It's not physical, that's the problem. They get totally dominated in every aspect of the game by a decent team. Why? Well, that's complicated. Here's my thoughts:

Teams have learned Mularkey's/Ryan's m.o. of dinking and dunking and giving it to Turner up the middle. Game planning for the Falcons must take all of 10 minutes. It's the most predicatable offense imaginable. That being said, the offensive line really is handicapped by not only the snapcount (which apparently is given to the D-line) but also by the other team knowing exactly when to blitz. They ARE NOT a dominating line, and never will be. They are doing pretty well, considering their physical limitations.

Overall, I think the Falcons organization grossly overrated Ryan (because of his awesome rookie season) and neglected to realize that Mike Mularkey and Mike Smith think they are coaching the Steelers, not the Falcons. I understand that defense wins championships but the offense has pretty much been ignored. That has to change. Give Ryan another receiver and an aggressive OC and see what happens. The kid will DOMINATE.

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shameless bump for a heart "hate" filled post

Fixed? :unsure:

J/K, I can dig a lot of it.

About your Turner comments though, why not the Falcons? It's not like he's hot garbage or anything, and I think he's more than qualified to be the #1 guy. And I don't think there's necessarily anything in Mularkey's simple scheme that is specifically hurting Turner (unless you count the timing of the plays he calls). I do think he doesn't have much of a supporting cast in the RBs on his squad, Ovie excluded.

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I like Mularkey better than Knapp that's for sure. There is blame to go around but the reality is that we still have some growing pains.

I'm staying positive though because beating the Steelers in the season opener at their house is no easy task. If that same game was played here I believe we would have won.

Let's see how our team comes together after that tough loss in front of our home crowd.

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