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Well it looks like our old QB is getting the start Sunday against Detroit. I'm making this premptive post because there are sure to be some threads about it and his performance.

Now while there are still some people out there who either support him or wish him well (and of course you're entitled) there are going to be some lunatics who will call for the head of Matt Ryan and cry for the return of our old QB.

I expect #7 to do very well tomorrow and even if Ryan struggles please keep thing in perspective.

They are playing Detroit who has won 2 games since the end of 2007. Despite Detroit making improvements they are the perfect team to play for any Qb looking to revitalize their career. After one game they are ranked 31st in passing yards allowed and 31st in total yards allowed.

#7 should shred these guy to pieces.....which should be expected of any competent QB but because of who he is/was there will be many who use this game as their soapbox to light the fires of discontent here in FalconLand.

He had his chance here, a fair chance. He never brought us back to back winning seasons or the respect we have earned with Matt Ryan under center. Ryan is our guy. If you are a falcon fan you should be proud and excited knowing that. No matter what our old QB does, he's never coming back and while some comparisons are likely, it would be a shame to see the fans here entrench themselves into opposing camps when it is the time for unity.

So speaking of soapboxes, I'll now get off mine. Here's to hoping for some sane, friendly banter come late Sunday instead of an all out flame-war.

Go Falcons!

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