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The *Official* Poster of the Year Nomination Thread

judas yeast

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PencilPusher has been one of the greats on here for years, even back when there were other greats posting. Not even a competition nowadays, should be hands down winner.

And The Monarch is great too; if he ever posts anymore. There was a thread a few weeks ago from Pencil trying to get you(Bob) to come back and post some and we also got to looking around for The Monarch too. I know he actually posted in the thread, but I can't remember if he was still using that name of if it had changed. Man it sucks getting old; eventhough with all the name changing that goes on around here I might not be the only one who has forgotten who's who.

Everyone needs to go to an alternate board in order to post and tell us who they are and who they used to be over on these boards.

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I'd like to nominate both SacFalcFan and ShineyMcShine. They make the boards better by their mere presence. They are the creme de la creme of message board genius. Without them, the message boards would be overrun by trolls and spammers and know-nothing spouters of empty rhetoric. While I cannot say that either should be the winner, I can say undeniably, unquestionably, indubitably that both deserve our deepest and most genuine respect. Their egos might fit into the same room and their bodies might fit into the same room, but no room on earth could accommodate BOTH their egos and their bodies.

Together, they put the jam in my jelly donut. Combined, they are the poster of the year.

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