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Best player on defense?

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u cant say who the best player after 1 gm is, u can only predict who u think it is, and we wont know till like falken said possibly week 10. i think Moore will b our best DB tho, Lofton our best LB and overal player and Biermann our best Dlineman after this season. remember im jsut predicting not claiming they are the best at this moment

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if u think about it its kinda easy, when u say ''the best defender'', u gotta look at it like this: saying ur the best at something u gotta be well rounded out, not just good at one thing, so if u look at it, FOR EXAMPLE!!!

brent grimes... he had 6 picks very good but not the best at tackling or run support,

cutis lofton... was top 5 in tackles last year, but lacked the big plays in the passing game to be put up there with the patrick willises type,

thomas decoud could even be brought up, he had 80+tackels, 3 picks, 4-5 pbus, good run support, but vanish at time in the season as well

BABS.... he is the clear winner of this group, since 05 he has been second in the leauge in tackles for loss(35.5) has 14 sacks since that time(6) last year... 58 tackles as a DT, 2 pbus,2FF,2fumble recoveries, had a game high 11 tackles in a game (chicago) are u serious!!!!!

easy win babs all day.....

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