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Falcons Lotto Ticket

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yeah and when i keep a scratched ticket that won nothing that will be dumb too...really I'm not from GA I ge to one game a year if I'm lucky.

Well, in that case, you play the 2nd chance game and throw it away after that's done. ^_^

It'd be kind of silly to scratch it off 3 or 4 years from now and find out you've been sitting on $500,000 that you can't claim because it's too late.

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I'm not saying, "Don't buy a lottery ticket".

If you can afford them they are fun and offer a dream.

.........but I think you could spend $5 on better memorabilia than a lottery ticket.


You could just scratch the code on the bottom and have it scanned to see if it's a winner.

Can you imaging finding out AFTER the ticket becomes expired that it was one of the $5000,000 winners?

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