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Lot A, aka the Gulch


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Thank you! That's what I wanted to hear. How far is the walk to the dome?

I don't know, in comparison. It does not seem bad at all to me. Of course there is a walk. I get to the lot at about 7 am so I usually don't even remember the walk, lol.

I'm joking! Of course I remember some of the walk.

But it's not bad at all.

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I've been parking in the Gulch for years (STH with parking pass).

Lots of tailgating, some pretty nice people in general.

Short walk to GA Dome: Just follow the crowd and walk toward Phillips Arena, enter lower level of Marta station, take escalator up, turn left at the top (Phillips Arena), walk up a short flight of stairs, cross street and you're entering the Falcons Landing area. Walk through Falcons Landing and voila...there you are. Shouldn't take more than 10-12 minutes or so to reach the Dome.

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trying to decide where to park sunday and the rest of the year. Good place for tailgating? How is access to the dome from there? How much is parking?

Last year we parked in a lot near the olympic park for $20. Wasn't bad, but I'm looking for the best experience, and possibly the shortest walk.


I always park in the Church parking lot next door to the Dome. It's fairly cheap, and close to all of the tailgaiting. I think I pay 25.oo which isn't all that bad.

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i park right next to vine city train station. its a private lot that they open to the public on game day. the cost is a lil mor expensive but its right across the street from the dome. very short walk. the lot is usually packed and we dont usually leave until 5 or 6ish. anyone want to come by let me know.

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