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Kevin re-elected as NFL PA President


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Union players in Saturday behalf of the Committee held meetings, free agent center Kevin - Ma Wei undisputed NFL players union president re-elected.

Ma Wei had 8 all-star in more than 100 players to participate in the vote result was announced from the beginning of the season, his second consecutive two-year term as the President, voting is in Hawaii, Maui held. The 16-year NFL veteran last four seasons in Tennessee Titans team effectiveness. Since 2002 he has been working in the NFL jersey players union executive committee, over the past five seasons he has been the player representatives.

"The NFL players were able to re-elected union president and I am very grateful to feel the heavy responsibility," Ma Wei said in his speech. "I believe this shows that the Committee believe me, and believe I have the ability to continue to lead the NFL by the players during this uncertain time." NFL players union executive director Demolisi - Smith shut down the possibility that 140%.

Ma Wei's re-election and the NFL players union in a crucial period, because this seHockey jerseyason is the league since 1993 without a salary cap of the season. Current contract expires in March 2011. Conference also elected the NFL Players Association Executive Committee members, they are Charlie - Bach, Scott - Fuji Ta, Sean - Murray and Brian - Waters, the current members of the Committee include, Ma Wei Drew - Brisbane, Brian - Dawkins, Duomengnike, Tony - Richardson, Jeff - Sai Tedi and Mike - Vrabel.

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