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Passing interest: QBs field questions, throw back answers


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Who's the toughest defensive back you've faced?

Ryan: "Probably Revis. Part of the reason why is [the Jets'] scheme. He's an incredible talent and a really good man-to-man cover guy, but that scheme throws the timing off and he takes chances and makes plays."

Who's the toughest defensive coordinator you face?

Ryan: "Gregg Williams in New Orleans is tough every time. He's relentless. They blitz a ton and they are relentless. He makes it tough to play against them."

Third and long: Would you rather face a blitz or coverage?

Ryan: "Blitz, any day of the week. You can get the ball out, less coverage, no doubt about it."

Call your own plays?

Ryan: "I love it some of the time. But there are situations when you need some help. Good to be in some situations where you get that help. But 75-25 would be OK."

Passer rating or yards per attempt: Which is more important?

Ryan: "Both. I think it's important to get chunk yards in the passing game, so yards-per-attempt is big. As for passer rating, I don't know how they compute it, but it does tell if you played well."

Throw 33 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions or 15 and 5?

Ryan: "I'd say 33 and 15. You have to push it down the field and scoring those touchdowns helps."

Receiver with speed or one with reliable hands?

Ryan: "Reliable hands, no doubt. You'd like to have both, but reliable hands are so important to the success of the passing game. If you have the speed and you can't catch it, what's the point?"

Biggest change for quarterbacks going forward?

Ryan: "I think the most important thing going forward is the same as what's made guys successful in the past. You have to get the ball out on time, making good decisions. Knowing where to go with it. Regardless of how the game changes, that stuff remains paramount to playing the position well."


Ryan wants to throw the deep ball. It's MM that's holding him back. MM needs to go after this season.

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