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What a load of crap!


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Nyjer Morgan to serve one suspension

NEW YORK -- Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan will serve an eight-game suspension rather than the original penalties of two bans totaling 15 games.

Major League Baseball announced the decision Thursday following appeals. Morgan will begin serving the eight-game penalty on Friday at Philadelphia.

He was given a seven-game suspension and fined on Aug. 25 when the commissioner's office said he had deliberately thrown a baseball into the stands, resulting in a fan getting hit, at Philadelphia four days earlier. At the time of the penalty, Morgan said he couldn't discuss what happened.

His eight-game suspension and fine were announced Sept. 3, among nine punishments issued for a brawl at Florida on Sept. 1.

A day after Morgan ran over Marlins catcher Brett Hayes while attempting to score from second on a 10th-inning grounder -- Hayes tagged out Morgan but the backstop separated his left shoulder -- Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad hit Morgan with a pitch. Morgan stole second and third -- Washington trailed 14-3 at the time -- and Volstad threw his first pitch of the sixth behind Morgan.

Morgan charged the mound and took a swing, setting off a brawl.

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