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Matt will be Matt


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Matt is never going to be Manning or Brady. Or for that matter Leinart or Harrington. Fact is nobody not even Matt or TD know what type of QB he will be.

We as fans have seen his poise and coolness under pressure. This along with the fact that I've read that he is a very hard worker and strives to be the best by studying and putting in extra hours leads me to believe he will become a great QB. He is still fairly young and definatley still learning. So at the very least let him play out his 3rd year (which is standard for QB judgment) before we start to critisize him like an established vet QB like Manning.

Remember that was the media hyping the kid up, raising expectations for a young QB. Matt never said here I am the next Manning. Let Matt be Matt and continue to grow as whatever QB he will become. I think we will all be happy.

Obviously game 1 he wasn't tossing it around like drew brees, but it wasn't that bad of a performance honestly. He will learn from it and continue to grow. I'm a Matt Ryan believer!

Go Falcons!!! Beat the **** out of the cards!!!

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Also I believe for us to see imrovement in Ryan, specifically big plays, we need to do 2 things.

1--- we need to give him more time in the pocket. This will enable routes to develop and let matt make his reads. So improve the line.

2--- we need another reciever that can stretch the field and be a threat like Roddy.

My suggestions. Get a legit fast LT and swing Baket over to RT. And trade for Vincent Jackson.

Sometimes to see improvement from the QB, you have to improve the pieces around him.

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I see Matt as more of mixture of Brady and Manning. When he is on point he carves a defense up with quick accurate passes. He reads the blitz well and gets rid of the ball quickly. He has to work on consistency. For example in the Steeler game, when we drove down he missed 2 straight passes which he could have connected. But before that he hit on 3 or 4 straight passes to get us down there. Once he gets the consistency he will be good to go.

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