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HBO Hard Knock's


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I watched HBO Hard Knocks, and loved the show. I think they did a good job showcasing their star players, and their electric head coach.

However, I didn't see someone I had anticipated. Shonn Greene was no where to be found. They didn't interview him, or keep him in a scene for more than 1.7 seconds.

You would think, if you are show casing your "Super Bowl Bound" team, you might talk about your rushing game, which was a GIANT question mark to me. Shonn Greene had 200 carries last year, and ran well. But 200 carries is a small sampling. He also was injured in his limited role. You get rid of the veteran leader in Thomas Jones, and bring in the aging LT. What is wrong with this picture? I asked my buddy, wtf? Where is this guy?

So as I dove into fantasy drafts a few weeks ago, I took LT on every one of my teams. What happened? Sunday comes along, and Greene gets the hook faster than anybody expected.

I feel with no air time, or bragging about their new top talent RB, they weren't sure what they had. I don't think the Jets know what they have in Shonn Greene, as you see LT's role just jumped to a 50/50 time share with Mr. Greene... Just an observation...

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