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Scott or Bounty?


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In my opinion our offensive line is not strong enough to power block or athletic enough to pull with consistency or speed. They're also pretty small to be considered road graders. I'm really having a hard time finding an identity for this group. They play with high intensity, persistence, and pure will, but they don't appear to be strong when it comes to straight line blocking. We had an opportunity to go for it on 4th and 1. Smitty decided to kick, that says alot for our offense as well as the defense. As much as I had confidence in the defense on Sunday, I came away thinking that he didn't have much confidence in our offensive line. I mentioned this because last year when we played the Patriots, Belichek was in the same position and he went for 4 and short twice in our dome to pull out a win. I feel our problem now is a combination of conservative coaching and lack of confidence in the Oline.

Oh yeah wha's this no contact during training camp stuff. It sounds like their a little soft without the contact during training camp.

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