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I would like to say that Coach Smith and TD and Blank have worked very hard to change the culture of this organization into a consistent, winning one. With a winning attitude. As Falcon fans our additude has always been a skeptical, worrisome one. Why, because no back to back winning seasons, gimmicky coaches players and systems.

The regime we have now has yet to have a losing season. They preach things I beileve in such as character. This regime has earned my trust. I honestley am not worried one bit about the outcome of sunday. We lost on the road to the steelers top ranked D and 1 busted play.

I have seen the culture of the organization change from ground zero till now. Remeber where we were at the end of the 07 season? Everyday coach Smith and TD have been here they have been changing and improving this organization. The coaches have all bought in. They've been offered jobs elesewhere but have stayed. The players talk of great things not small goals.

Obviously it takes longer for the culture of the fans to come around. We need a lot of wins to let us know we are finally headed in the right direction. The players and coaches and GM just arrived in the last couple of years. They have nothing to do with the falcons tuff past. We, the fans have come at all different times, but most have been around long enough to see that our falcons are not an elite franchise.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is in order for this whole organization to become elite and perinnial the fans need to buy in. We don't need to hit the panic button after 1 tuff road game loss to start the season. We don't need to criticize the players and coaches that just got us our first back to back winning seasons. No, now is not the time. Now is the time to RISE UP and support our coaches and players and DESTROY the cards on sunday when they come in our nest.

We are the fans of a long troubled franchise. I do know in order for this organization known as the FALCONS to fully become an elite franchise we the fans have to be confident and supportive. I also realize in order for us to become elite for years to come we are going to need some Lombardi's!!! Maybe the support and confidence from the fan base won't happen until after we win the super bowl.

But this regime has already won me over by going from the 2007 debacle straight into back to back winning seasons!!! I'm not saying they are gods already or shouldn't be questioned, but it's definatly not panic time. I'm just saying this team will be helped by a fan base that exhudes confidence and realizes we got something special brewing here in atlanta. RISE UP fellow FALCON fans!! RISE UP!!!

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!

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I see us winning big....(10 points) 30-20 .......If we were to lose at home this weekend, Samuel Jackson could do a second commercial asking the fans to "WISE UP" .................

I like that! I can hear the chorus "WIIISSE UPP"

I too see us winning big this weekend. I know a lot of people are angry and frustrated about last weeks performance. I know I am. Obviously we can score, we have done it before. I just want us to abosolutly destroy the cardinal!!! They still piss me off with their offsides BS they pulled in the playoffs. I haven't forgotten, and I know our players haven't. I'm gonna be extra loud this weekend.

WISE UP Atlanta, we got us a team!!

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