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Gotta question about Matt Ryan and the announcers


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Here's my question.

I'm watching the Falcons Steelers game again and the announcer keeps saying that "Ryan overthrew the reciever again"

Is it just me or is it more Ryan throwing the ball away because he was pressured and there was nowhere to throw it. Because when he "overthrows it" it always seems to be 15 to 20 feet in the air towards the side line.

I think he's throwing it away and just playing safe and avoiding the sack while also not forcing the throw.


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Because he's locking on to Roddy from go and his quick release, he's ready to throw really quickly. So at the last possible second he sees a defender and puts the ball up for Roddy possibly to make a play on it or make it so neither one can catch it. In a way this is both an overthrow and a throwaway. And the announcers see he could've simply gotten it over the LOS

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