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I love Coach Grantham


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I was thinking about starting a thread to see what people thought about Spurrier's comments but never got around to it. Good for you, you beat Georgia and now you wanna go taking shots at our coach. It's pretty stupid for him to bring up the NFL due to his obvious well known lack of success. The "little brother syndrome" strikes again, you finally beat a team that has owned you and now you don't know how to act.

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So true. Why would he attack our D coaches anyways? They completely shut down his oh-so-respected passing game. Oh you won by running a 230 pound back up the middle 40 times? Wow, Steve, you SHOULD be impressed with yourself! You won without having to do anything. Lattimore carried you, and the rest of the sorry Gamecocks, to victory almost all by himself (O line helped) and now YOU want to act like YOU did something, huh? Typical loser.

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