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We have a game this weekend against the Cardinals. It's a game we should win but not a team we can over look. We have a very very tough game in New Orleans the week after. If we slip up and lose and have to travel to NO at 0-2 we'll be in a world of crap.

Although I wish I did, and sometimes think I do, I do not have all of the answers. But I do know this, the ticket prices for the Arizona game have been in steady decline. This tells me there are still a lot of tickets out there and the home team fans are not being team players.

I hate to call the 2nd game of the season a must win but think about it. My rant to you is is get off your butts, get you some tickets if you don't already have some, and get your tails to the game Sunday afternoon. The 12th man can make a difference.

Do you want to sit at home on a MB and whine and pout or do you wanna get off your butts and do something to help? Lets fill the stands. lets be loud. And lets make **** sure the team knows we have their back and are doing our part!!!

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Did anyone see what happened in KC?

What has KC done in the past few decades? Not much. But those fans caused three(3) "delay of Game" penalties. It was also raining during part of the game.

Are those KC fans "waiting for their team to show them something"? NO! They gave the Chiefs something to PLAY FOR!

"Rise Up!

Disclaimer: read Rev Hal's thread!

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