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An Excellent Turn of Events from Sunday's Game

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and whats your point? Do i tell you who to like no, so dont tell me who to like, im a falcon fan. its sad that i get other falcons fans attacking me cuz i like vick

Sorry for the misunderstanding dude, I wasn't calling you a troll at all.

I was saying that even a troll would normally post something remotely relevant to the point of the thread. You didn't. Your post was completely out of left field.

I wasn't calling you a troll. I was saying that your performance in this thread was even worse than the typical troll.

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Wow, I've been saying this since Sunday and you people just now piled on it? Thanks for the props, even if I wasn't credited for mentioning this first.

Sorry dude, I looked for a thread on this, and couldn't find one. Point me to your thread on the injury situation and I will give you the props you deserve.

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A lot from the game is debatable but, but this point is not, and I think it's huge.

The Falcons got through a tough emotional road opener against a big phsical team without any serious injuries.

I haven't even really heard about any minor injuries, but I could have missed something.

Considering the way last year unfolded, I'd say that is pretty spectacular news.

Last year sucked because of injuries so I am happy about this at least.

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