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Should Coach Smith Have Gone For It, 4th & 1 @ the 5?


Should Coach Smith Have Gone For It, 4th & 1 @ the 5?  

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  1. 1. Should Coach Smith Have Gone For It, 4th & 1 @ the 5?

    • Yes, he should have gone for it.
    • No, he made the right decision with the FG and the points.
    • I just can't decide!

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Because that's not correct. There was 3:24 still on the clock. If we don't get the first down then they get the ball at the 5. Pinned that deep, they would play very conservative where we probably would have stopped them on a 3 and out or maybe even get a turnover. Add in that we had 2 timeouts to use as well. Given that we almost would have certainly gotten great field position to get a second crack at the end zone or worse case scenario, kick the field goal to tie at the end of regulation when you really don't have a choice.

When you're on the road you play to win, at home you play for the tie...

Absolutely, you have to take chances sometimes especially on the road, no guts no glory.

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