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Very impressed with our Defense


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With all the negativity going around (still..come on people..it's Tuesday) I figure I'd post a thread about how impressed I was with our defense. 3rd string QB or not, I don't give a ****. Our guys went our there toe to toe with these guys and pretty much played on par with Pitt's D. Mendenhall is no push over and we contained him for the majority of the game. Well I mean of course until overtime.

Anyway, I was proud of our Defense..as I am sure many of you were. We have quality depth at key positions. It's a positive. And this was the key area we needed to improve upon from last year. If they can keep playing at this level, we are in for a successful year.

You primadonnas can jump ship now if you want. In fact many of us sane and logical fans would prefer it.

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If our defense continues to perform like that we'll be fine for the rest of the season. Some people need to remember football is played on 2 sides of the ball. From what I saw not only do we have an extremely quick unit, but we are physical as well.

Next week is going to be a real coming out party for this team as a whole I think. Then all the kiddies who jumped ship will want back on. I won't be throwing them a life line.

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