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Atlanta Falcons Message Board Logic


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According to the logic of this board, FLACCO=SUCKS, Did not have 350 yards against an elite defense and had 2 turn overs. Pretty Pathetic Ravens should trade for Mike Vick.

Ray Rice sucks too, Only had 40 something yards. Its not like the team he played had a good defense. Cut that Scrub.

Only 10 teams had over 20 points, The rest suck!

I understand being upset we lost a tough hard fought road game, But the steelers with Troy have one of the greatest defenses in the league if not the best. I would argue they are better than the Jets. We were not going to go undefeated, and this game taught our offense a lot. If we struggle with the cards, then we can be worried. But this one loss does not end the season. Mike Smith will have this team ready for next week and we will run right throught he cards.

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