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So you guys watched the Ravens game right?


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You watched a 3rd year QB and possibly the most talented offense in the league struggle against a very good defense right? See any parallels? Or maybe you watched the Dallas game and see them struggle to get the running game going? Sometimes the defense suffocates the offense, that's what they are paid to do after all.

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The problem most people have is not Ryan being a "bust".

It's the conservative and terrible play calling, and the seemingly lack of progress we've made on offense.

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You are making too much sense. It has to be that Matt Ryan is a bust! It couldn't be that the Steelers defense is just really good. Joe Flacco had an almost exact same stat line as Matt Ryan. And Mark Sanchez was awful, wonder if their fan bases are ready to throw them out?

well honestly, mark sanchez does kind of just plain suck :D

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