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Maybe i'm conspiracy theorist

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Maybe i'm just seeing what i want to see, but after watching Coach Smitty's interview today on AF.com, it really seemed like he was unhappy with the playcalling on offense.

He made one comment about they need to block better, but it seemed he had some underhanded comments towards MM. When asked about the vertical game, he didn't say it wasn't there, he made reference to sometimes they took it away sometimes they didn't. (my conspiracy theorist thinks his reaction was he was very unhappy we didn't attempt a vertical passing game)

Then when talking about being on the +side of the 50, the first thing he brings us is schematically they need to evaluate what they are doing. He didn't really seem to talk about failure to execute.

then to finish it off, he made a big point to say it's on the coaching staff..then kinda took them blame back on himself instead of pointing fingers.

Like i said, maybe i reading into it what i want to see, but it really did seem like he was more critical of the coaching staff and gameplan and things of that nature than he was of the players execution...on offense. he seemed to be on par for execution not being there on defense and special teams.

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Smith isn't one to point fingers, and I like that about him. If he's talked to Mularkey in private then great.

But yeah, I'm getting the vibe that he isn't impressed with him and a new OC is more than likely next year.

Well we extended BVG's contract and not MM. So that says a lot.

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