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WR Ryan Broyles


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"A lot of receivers are fast guys that can catch the ball, but he has great running skills, so he can catch short routes and turn them into long runs; that's why he's such a great punt returner," Fisher said about Broyles prior to Saturday's game. "But then he can go catch the deep ball and run by you in one-on-one coverage. They can get it to him on reverses, bubble screens and different ways. He has great running skills like a running back, but then he has great top-end speed like a receiver, and he has great hands. That's a guy you've always got to know where he is at all times, and they do a good job of moving him around, which makes it tough."

"He's very competitive in how he goes after the football. He has good hands and is a great route runner. Ryan is a special player."

While athleticism, size and speed are the desired attributes for playmakers on the outside, that's not a universally held scouting belief in today's NFL. In recent years, evaluators have come to embrace smaller, more dynamic players such as DeSean Jackson, Johnny Knox and Dexter McCluster. They've had success and helped to alter evaluators' thinking with their ability to create in space and be game-breakers in the open field.

One veteran observer, who has scouted many games at Oklahoma, including the one this past weekend, believes that Broyles is the most complete junior receiver and wouldn't be surprised if the success of smaller receivers in the NFL benefited his draft status in 2011 or '12.

"Speed and versatility are so important in today's NFL," the scout said. "The ideal situation is to find a guy who has those qualities along with the size, but they're hard to find. That's why teams are not as reluctant to draft smaller receivers, who can catch and create, higher in the draft.


I know he had that arrest for trying to steal gas, but Broyles can play and is a big play threat.

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Broyles is my guy outside of the big 4. He may even gets looks in the 1st round. This guy is a clone of Desean Jackson or Santonio Holmes.

I would really love to have him on our team and if we could get him somehow in the 2nd round, I would be ecstatic.

I agree my brother.

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