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Guys that said Housh doesnt have it


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Or making catches over defenders like he just did. That last catch was sick.

yes it was. I can't believe some say he can't make plays. He is such a playmaker the Jets are having to PI him everytime. Obviously many didn't see him play in Cin. Dude would be sick with Roddy & HD. We screwed up on that.

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1. Who says we didn't?

2. Shut up about it. It's over.

People complaining about us not getting him are saying we didn't. Look at Jedi's replies in this thread. Yeah, I would like these people to be quiet as well.

This thread is about the people that didn't want TJ, that's fine. Just tired of people saying how we missed an opportunity to get him when no one knows if we went after him or not.

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Hey I'm just repeating what everyone else said when they said that we didn't need him.. I wanted Housh.. But eh, better hope this running team can run every week.

We don't know that they didn't go after him. He may have wanted to be in that division for a reason.

Still, as much as I'd like to see a really great possession receiver here - we need a line to hold the pocket first.

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