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Official HSA MINI-POLL Week 1


40 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be in the running for HSA #1?

    • Roddy White
    • Kroy Biermann
    • Curtis Lofton
    • Mike Peterson
    • Harry Douglas
    • John Abraham
    • Michael Koenen
    • Sean Weatherspoon
    • Matt Ryan
    • Chris Owens
    • Eric Weems
    • Matt Bryant
    • Tony Gonzalez
    • Write-In: In your post, name any player not listed above who you feel is deserving!

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Alright, y'all, time for a collective breather and a few beams of optimism. Don't get me wrong; I know it's tempting out there on the ledge. When clawing my way onto AFMB last night proved about as likely as MM calling a screen play, I instead poured out my sorrows in a woebegone message to a cartoonist we all know and love. ;) It was wrenching to start the season with a heartbreaker like that, "no question about it," to pilfer a favorite phrase of our signal-caller.

BUT, as said cartoonist counseled ... chin up! It was only one game, and only Game One. I firmly believe in our team's ability to dust itself off, get back to the grind, and Defend the Dome with as much enthusiasm, grit, and tenacity as can be mustered on a football field. True, passion alone does not win games (although if it could, we'd be 16-0 ... the fervor with which Mike Smith called timeouts yesterday has to be unparalleled in NFL books, the man's fit to be listed on the injury report!). We have more than passion though: we have talent in spades and, despite the final score, there were flashes of Hick'ry brilliance yesterday afternoon.

Which leads me to the real point here ...

Remember that the Hick'ry is an official shindig this year, to be awarded after every four games. For the big write-up, I want to be sure that the entire board's voices are heard, and that means having a good sense of whom you liked in each particular week: that player who, win or lose, proclaimed to the opposition that the Falcons came to PLAY; that player who made it clear you would be battered, thwacked, and all-around maimed if you came near him; that player who made you wince for the other side (not in sympathy, of course, but in lick-your-chops anticipation).

Vote for the player (or players) you felt were most Hick'ry-worthy up in Pittsburgh. (Please limit yourself to 3 votes at the most.) Would love to hear why you all made your selections. If you don't see someone listed and have a strong case, just let me know!

Oh, and one more thing. Our beloved Hick'ry Stick Award is shapin' up to be something more special than ever this year. Let's make threads about it positive ones. This isn't the place to bemoan anything; there are threads aplenty for that. These mini-polls are places to celebrate the plays and players that wowed us and reminded us yet again why we love, live, and breathe Falcons football, no matter what the scoreboard reads each Sunday.

Have at it, folks!

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IMO it comes down to Lofton and White.

Lofton had like 8 tackles 3 and a Sack

He brought his Hick'ry Stick to Pittsburgh. ;)

Ditto, but I voted for Spoon too. I thought the rookie had a big day.

Y'all understand that BCEagle has it set up so you can vote for more than one player, right? And she's asking you to limit your votes to a total of 3.

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I almost voted for Bryant, He did score all the points we had. But its a new me. Call me Rise up pio because i demand perfection. And because he was not perfect sunday, he does not get a vote. Rise up yall.

I agree; I hesitated including him because of the miss. He came back strong, though ... if only he'd had a chance to kick the game-winner!

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