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If I may say, from purely an entertainment perspective,...


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...I do not enjoy watching our offense! There...i said it!

I enjoyed watching our offense in 2008, I enjoyed watching our offense from about 2001 - 2005 (yes, Vick's crazy runs), and I certainly enjoyed watching our complete offense in 1998! But, most of last season, this preseason, and yesterday I find myself watching several talented and proven INDIVIDUALS that are simply not demonstrating a TEAM chemistry and consistency necessary for success. Where are the "explosive plays?" Where are the long and consistent Touchdown drives? ****, where's the excitement!

I could provide all the same arguments about Ryan, Turner, the OL, the receivers, and the coaching that every one else (including me) has vomited about the past 24 hours but the sad, simple truth is that I do not find the current offensive approach, play calling and execution a fun and entertaining thing to watch. It's kind of boring!

Just what, exactly, is the Falcons offensive identity?

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