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What are we missing?

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In my humble opinion, the Falcons didnt have a totally bad game against the Steelers, Ryan passed the ball really well, critics disagree, I've been really surprised at some of the stuff Ive read and seen about the Falcons, I think we did some good and bad things, but according to everyone else, we have dropped from one of the best teams to middle of the pack now, what are we missing that makes us not be able to get in the red zone, and why is everyone so critical this week?

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If you can't score Td's you lose. I dont care if we played the '85 Bears the team should muster at least one TD. Too much talent to play so conservative. Remember last year about finishing in the "red zone"? Well, we barely even got to the red zone this game. What did MM do to fix this? Same old, same old with him. You played scared, you lose.

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Im not worried about Ryan.

But Ive said before and Im not usually one to get negged but our key to success is Turner and he doesnt seem to have the same stuff as he did in 2008.

I believe he isnt the same back, and to be honest, my expectations are low.

Although I fully expect him to prove me wrong next week.

Since 2008 he's

-Been injured

-Gained weight

-gotten older

At age 28 we are going to see him as starting runningback for 2 more years, and I believe we should go RB first round this year to be prepared for that.

I believe our carries should go

Turner 20 ATT

Snelling 10 ATT

Norwood 10 ATT

Keep everyone fresh and use Norwood more.

At one point I saw Norwood on shotgun and his job was to block which baffled me, when that shouldve been Snelling.

But back to Turner..My final point is:

You're only as good as your last game, and you're a homer if you dont believe he looked slow and unmotivated.

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Every time I think about it, the lack of scoring, the sissy playcalling, It all comes back to what we are being led to do by Mularkey. the buck stops with him. Scoring has been a big problem for us even last year. Please ATTACK!!! I don't mind being a smash mouth running team if we can do it!!! Because we just look like we don't even practice being the attacking airforce when the need arises. We best begin instilling this into our offensive mindset because we will have to draw upon our offensive air attack strategy when other teams load up to stop the run. IF we cannot make em pay up top, forget it...

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