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week 2 vs ARZ Matt Ryan needs to


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After 1 game into the season we have a lot of people saying how he is getting worse. He needs to pass the ball around and not just look at TG/Roddy. He needs to have a HUGE game in my opinion. Im thinking about a peyton manning/tom brady game back when they both broke the passing TDs in a season record. Am I saying he needs to break the record this year no but he needs to play like he is going to. So I say if he goes 70%ish passing completage with over 300 yards 3/4 TDs and a big Win.

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he needs to get the win...people expect this team to gel in week 1 but the fact is that our defense is young and we have a rookie starting at LB and our number one corner just played for the first time at game speed and an offense struggling in the beginning of the season is extremely common. matt needs to get his timing down with other recievers opposite roddy and we will be okay. people are putting too much blame on the falcons struggles without recognizing the fact that we played a great defense in their place. matt will improve but to expect a career day is a little optimistic. get the first W of the season and move forward

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