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Quick Summary-Last 24 Hours


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Is it safe to come out yet? :ph34r:

I see a couple of you level-headed, down to earth posters amidst all the insanity.

We're surrounded though. Might be best to wait one more day.

It's kinda funny though- after we put the beatdown on the Cardinals this weekend these

boards will turn to talk of domination and super-bowl hopes again.

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It's no different than any other loss around here.

There are the fans who get emotionally distraught and have to vent. I'm actually okay with those anyway - let them vent. They had a lot of hopes tied up in the team and they are frustrated, disappointed and looking for a reason.

Then there are the trolls who quietly wait in their slime-pits for the Falcons to do anything bad so they can jump in and start flooding the boards with their sputum.

A win will clear those out and they'll slither back in their slime-pits and wait for the next loss.

Board business as usual.. Carry on!

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