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We do have a reason to be concerned


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Once again, Lofton was phenomenal but overall I think our secondary is the same as last year. I don't believe Dunta is close to being an elite CB, and I live in Florida, mostly AFC state other then the Sucks, but the fans down here know Dunta and think he is a joke. I haven't seen anything yet to show me other wise, he looks like he puts as much effort into playing as he feels like, but never balls to the wall.

I have no faith in BVG, he was facing a 3rd string QB and allowed him to put up respectable numbers. Dixon actually did better then Matt Ryan this game. If Dixon had been more accurate like other QB's we were facing then we would have done worse, most of his throws were short. This is a huge area for concern, because many of his receivers were open, he just wasn't there yet in his development to tear us apart.

I hate watching Gregg Williams defense, but it looks completely different then BVG's...you see much more disguises coverages and more elaborate blitzes. We have the speed on defense to win games, but instead we drop back into coverage (which we are worst at) and allow defenses to pick us apart.

Next week will be the telling week, knowing we face another essentially 3rd string QB, are we going to pressure him correctly this time? I HOPE SO, I am playing the Falcons D on my fantasy game next week.

Anyway, on to our joke of an offense. We have one of the most talented teams on paper, and we've done terrible from preseason on, and this IS a cause for concern. The writing was on the wall since preseason.

Mike Mularkey is terrible, offensive line looks terrible, I was impressed with Valdez even over Sam Baker, but they moved him to the practice squad.

If Coach Smith doesn't take over the offensive game plans, we will miss the playoffs this year, and his job will not be safe. He acts like he has too much faith in his coaching staff, but he is the coach. He had too much faith in Jason Elam last year and waited way to long to fire him, I hope he won't make the same mistakes this year with Mike Mularkey.

The pieces of the puzzle are here, we are an elite team but I feel like it's being held back, can Mike Smith put the puzzle together and win some playoff games this year?

I hope so! Examine my rant, let me know what you do any do not agree with, but this was a depressing game; I've waited since February for yesterday.

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