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Why does it take Matty 60 throws to get 300 yards passing?

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I think it's the mike m. When Ryan changed the play at the line it seemed to work more effectively

Actually, I don't think Matt checked out of plays enough at the line. Pitt had 8 to 9 guys in the box, and we still ran right into the blitz. Pitt was timing the snap count perfectly, and there were no changes not even a hard count.

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BINGO!!! Look at the pathetic, boring, predictable routes our WR's run. Very few of their routes will allow for YAC. Most are all comeback routes and curl patterns. Not designed for YAC.

It seemed to me that we ran about 3 different routes the entire game...

Just once I want to see a WR that has daylight in front of him when he catches it, lets say like maybe running across the middle of the field. Not coming back towards the QB (curl) or **** near out of bounds (out). Ok maybe I was being generous with 3 routes

Seems as though some of our passing tree limbs have been trimmed.

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