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Pathetic Performance from O-Line and Turner


Turner and Snelling  

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  1. 1. Should M. Turner and J. Snelling Split Carries?

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Honestly, I am incredibly proud of this team for going up to Pittsburgh and playing the way they did in that hostile environment against that defense.

I see a TON of positives and really only a few negatives.

I am proud of every single player, except M. Turner.

Some quick names to throw out who had big-time performances:

1. Weems made some strides in passing game and Douglas looked ready to play.

2. Lofton, Weatherspoon and Peterson could make a case for NFL's best 4-3 LB Corps. (I really think they can)

3. Still disappointed overall with the pass-rush, although I will take 3 sacks/game everyday!!

--> This one is a positive, need to get more pressure up middle, but Babs will help tremendously when he gets back.

4. Run-defense was as solid as I have ever seen for this team (disregarding OT obviously), which is a very good sign.

Turner on the other hand was incredibly disappointing. Honestly, I don't know where to begin, but I will say this, if he doesn't turn it on against a vulnerable Cardinals Defense, I really think it's time to consider alternatives at RB.

-- His effort yesterday was simply unacceptable.

I was so pissed because Ryan and the defense obviously came ready to play.

It's Week 1 and we have the pieces to make this work. We will be fine going forward.

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SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWW, Is what i saw out of turner, gonzo, and coleman. I just couldn't get over how slow turner looked when he got the ball, maybe because there was nowhere to go, but it looked like he was not capable of popping the run outside, gonzo still has the hands but i don't think he can run away from linebackers anymore, coleman got beat a few times, i won't trash him too hard but he's got to pick it up.

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